About us

Erich Rössler was founded in 1955 as a trading company for metal goods and tools.

Since 1993 we have been a subsidiary of Wieland-Werke AG in Ulm, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of semi-finished products in copper and copper alloys.

With 18 employees, we offer high quality and reliable service – and this in the light of constantly rising demands.

On three high-performance slitting lines, copper and copper alloy strip in thicknesses ranging from 0.10 to
2 mm is slit into widths from 3 to 300 mm.

Additionally, we supply plated, milled and traverse-wound strip.

The knowledge, expertise and dedication of our staff have made us a successful slitting centre in both national and international markets.

We are not only a supplier of quality products, but we also see ourselves as your partner. With their knowledge and experience, our employees will be glad to support you in selecting the semi-finished products, defining the material and processing properties, the dimension and tolerances as well as the most cost-effective delivery form.

On request, we will promptly submit a competitive quotation, including price and delivery.

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